Thursday, February 10, 2011

So these ads and stuff.

Ive got the ads and stuff on and people are visiting and all but no one is clicking the ads so i could use some ad clicks cus atm i aint makin no money. And i could really use some money.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So who all liked Tron?

Tron was a pretty good movie to me. It made quite a nice addition after the first one. Honestly i loved the special effects and i wish i had one of those sweet glow suits they wear. Not to mention the light cycles. I mean how cool are these things? Not to mention the BA Daft Punk soundtrack and all. I highly recommended this movie to any self-respecting nerd. Its well worth your time and money.

Well this is the beginning

This my friends is the beginning of my glorious blog and as such i hope it will last many eons into the future! I dont know what it will be centered around but i assure you i will decide upon something eventually and it will probably be something tech based. Anyways until i figure all this out ill just leave this here. Lets keep at it guys and gals!